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Organic gel which is easily absorbed into the skin to help revitalise the body.

Soft and invigorating with an essential electrolyte mineral from Icelandic SeaSalt.

For all skin types

100% Vegan

Effective results

Apply minimum 2x daily
Massage until absorbed

Shipping Cost

Shipping Cost

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1 bottle            7 €
2 bottles          3,5 €
3 bottles +      0 €

Countries outside Europe

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1 bottle              14 €
2 bottles           10,5 €
3 bottles           7 €
4 bottles           3,5 €
5 bottles +        0 €


Maintains the fluid balance in the body. Stimulates the action of nerve and muscle cells. Facilitates the flow of oxygen within cells.

Physical Activity

Stimulates Cell Renewal

Revitalising gel
with natural and skincare ingredients.

Aqua / Glycerin 
Maris sal / Algin


External Use
No Additional Fragrance

Respects its natural balance, may help to soothe general malaise.


Skin Conditions

Sunburn, Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Blister,
Redness, Anti-Aging, …



Muscle Pain, Sore Throat, Stiff Neck,
Tissue Swelling, Arthritis, …



Fungal Infection of the skin, Nail Fungus,
Vaginal Irritation, Fever, Nasal Congestion, …




  • Maintenance of good circulation of blood
  • Maintenance of an Alkaline body pH
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Improving the oxygen levels in the body

An increase in oxygen level in the body helps to strengthen muscles and increase their energy.

Oxygen not only provides our cells with energy, but also helps in the healing of damaged skin, detoxifies skin cells, helps strengthen elastic fibres and collagen and reduces inflammation.

The gel is suitable for all skin types and can be applied as frequently as needed.

Sport:  Apply the gel before and after exercise. Massage until absorbed.


This sensorial moisturising bodygel helps to eliminate toxins from the body and to strengthen the immune system.
The negatively charged ion Cl- from sea salt may help to awaken the light°body and support the body’s natural healing powers.

As a major electrolyte mineral of the body, chloride ion performs many roles.


Hear and read what our customers say about the iFo Gel.


"It is absolutely the best thing that I have tried so far!"​

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Jens Kjartansson

Truck Driver


"I have had arthritis since 1998. And then about a month ago I started waking up so stiff in the fingers that I could honestly not move them. And then I came across the gel. This gel here, and then everything started to turn around and I have made tremendous progress since. Then I also have had stiff muscles, especially in the shoulder area. Working as a driver, always in the same body position. And it is the same story there. That is also getting much better using the gel. So I can not but recommend the product. It is absolutely the best thing that I have tried so far!"

Wart and Eye Cholesterol

"The gel is most certainly very good and effective!"​

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Björn Bjarnason

Former Minister of Justice of Iceland

Wart and Eye Cholesterol

"I can tell you from what concerns my condition. I had a skin tab and I was very surprised so I went to a doctor and showed her my skin and this little skin tab that had swollen out and was probably some toxicity or infection inside and she said I would have to come later and have this cut away when the infection was gone. Now I put the gel on and within a few days this skin tab dried up and disappeared and has not come back since so it is obvious that this had a very healing effect on this thing on my skin.
Furthermore close to my eye there was a precipitation I believe was cholesterol, positive cholesterol, that is not dangerous and I applied the gel on it and it has grown smaller and I could see the precipitation come out when it was going away – so this gel obviously had positive effect on that.
The gel is most certainly very good and effective!"

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